JMol/JChemPaint CMLRSS Tutorial

  1. Get Jmol from ( or later). Unzipping will produce a folder containing the file Jmol.jar.
  2. Ensure you have previously installed a Java runtime environment (JRE) on your system, currently at version 1.4.2_7.
  3. You need to identify your $HOME directory on the machine you are using. On Unix-like systems, this is normally something like /Users/rzepa. Windows (XP) users have it as C:\Documents and Settings\rzepa.
  4. Into $HOME, place the Jmol.jar file.
  5. Into $HOME, create a new folder, named exactly as .jmol (note the dot before the name!).
  6. Into $HOME/.jmol place the file rssviewer.opml (after editing to your choices)
  7. In $HOME/.jmol, create a sub-folder called plugins
  8. Into $HOME/.jmol/plugins, place rssviewer.jar (after unzipping it).
  9. Run Jmol.jar (by double clicking, or from a cmd line, invoking java -jar Jmol.jar )
  10. Jmol RSS menuExpose the RSS menu thus.
  11. Repeat for JChemPaint (a structure editor), placing the plugin files into $HOME/.jchempaint/
© H. S. Rzepa, 2005.