Waterside Walks in London

This selection of walks follows approximately the routes outlined in the book by Brian Cookson; "London's Waterside Walks" (ISBN 1840188081). Some of the walks are annotated with Google Earth placemarks. If you encounter a link, selecting it will download a "KML" placemark file, which if used to open Google Earth, will "fly you" to the exact location where the photograph was taken. The placemarks below give an overview of each walk, and this one gives an overview of the entire area of London covered by these walks.

  1. Shad Thames (Google Earth)
  2. Southwark (Google Earth)
  3. Temple (Google Earth)
  4. Westminster (Google Earth)
  5. Hammersmith (Google Earth)
  6. Kew and Richmond (Google Earth, Google Earth)
  7. Wapping (Google Earth)
  8. Greenwich (Google Earth)
  9. Surrey Docks (Google Earth)
  10. Canary Wharf (Google Earth)
  11. Royal Docks (Google Earth)
  12. Regent's Canal: Brentford (Google Earth)
  13. Regent's Canal: Braddish Wood (Google Earth)
  14. Regent's Canal: Little Venice (Google Earth)
  15. Regent's Canal: King's Cross (Google Earth)
  16. Regent's Canal: Islington (Google Earth)
  17. Regent's Canal: Limehouse (Google Earth)
  18. Fleet: Source to mouth (Google Earth, Google Earth)

Other Riverside Walks

  1. The Brent River Park in West London
  2. The Colne Valley Trail in West London
  3. The Broadwater lake and the river Colne
  4. The Wet and Dry Sources of the River Colne, at Colney Heath/Waterend, Hertfordshire.
  5. The Wandle Trail in South London
  6. Overview of Olympic park 2012 siteThe 2012 Olympic Stadium Walk in December 2006, which is enclosed in part by the old river Lea. The only sign that an Olympic park will be built here are the tiny red markers indicating the walk around the site. Another site for the Olympics will be Greenwich, covered by walk 8 above. Just off-photo on the top-right is the Stratford International Rail terminus, where the Channel Tunnel high speed link terminates, and opens in Nov. 2007 in good time for the Olympics. It is literally within walking distance of the stadium. A map of the more complete walk is available at http://www.leevalleypark.org.uk/
  7. River Westbourne (Riverside a bit of a misnomer, since its only visible at the outflow)
  8. River Tyburn, including Regents Park Rose garden, through which the Tyburn flows. Walk No. 14 above covers the Westbourne, Tyburn and Fleet via their crossings of the canal (two under, one over).

(C) Henry S. Rzepa and Ze Rocha-Rzepa, 2005-2009.