Research Topics
The principal two themes of the group for the last twenty years has been the deployment of computational quantum chemistry methods, in combination with experimental techniques where appropriate, to addressing significant mechanistic and structural problems in organic and organometallic chemistry, and development of the Semantic Chemical Web on the Internet.

The following on-line articles illustrate the key research topics.

red ballComputational and Structural Chemistry
red ballDevelopment of new Chiral ligands based on Mobius Aromaticity
red ballMechanisms in Transition and late main group metal mediated catalysis
red ballMechanisms of Organic Pericyclic reactions
red ballMolecular Informatics and Information Grids
red ballSemantic Electronic Journals
red ballThe Chemical Semantic Web
red ballChemical Web Services
red ball
red ball
red ball

H. S. Rzepa, 2002